Thursday, February 12, 2015

Not-a-Leap-Year Ride

We heard that the Mayor has proclaimed that 2015 is the Year of the Bike in Tacoma! Unfortunately this year is one day shorter than others, so we're celebrating this misfortune with donuts a bike ride. ;) 

Meet up at Legendary Donuts (2602 6th Ave) on Saturday, Feb. 28 around 9 or 930. We'll provide some special donuts for the young riders then roll out to Wright Park and burn off some sugar. If the weather is good, we'll take a 2 mile route to the park; if the weather is crummy, the direct route is just over 1 mile. There are public restrooms and water fountains at the playground. Young riders should dress for the weather and bring a grown up to ride with them. Contact us if you have questions.

This is a friendly ride with kids and families, teaching everyone how to ride in the street safely with confidence and respect for others. Expect a super slow pace. 

Please note that training wheels and push bikes may not be the best for this ride, but you are welcome to walk on the sidewalk to Wright Park with those youngest riders or even just meet us there and ride on the trails.

Also, many thanks to the Tacoma Wheelmen's Bicycle Club for sponsoring our 2015 season. Family memberships are just $20/year and dues help support rides, advocacy, trails, and events throughout Tacoma and Pierce County.

If you ride with us often, please show them your support.